Presfab Inc. Is a manufacturing company specializes in products design and products development for road network maintenance. Our mission is to offer a range of products that meet the needs of our customers.

Presfab Inc. commercializes its steel products under the brand name Ring-O-Pave™ and Highway & Rubber under the brand name Flex-O-Ring™.

We are specialized in manufacturing, steel rings and rubber rings made from 100% recycled rubber. Our product range meets the needs of cities and stakeholders who are specialized in road maintenance and repair of: catch basins, manholes, electrical conduct, valve boxes, gas lines and others.

In addition, Highway Rubber is specializes in manufacturing traffic calming products and road safety products made from recycled rubber that meet all requirements in road safety. Our Products: speed bumps, wheel stop, Sinusoidal speed hump and our U shape base for temporary sign post meet the needs of a wide variety of stakeholders in the road safety industry.


Everything started in 1976 when Mr. Alain Prescott founded Prescott Metal. Originally the company specialized in producing steel pieces for the heavy duty industry such as mines, cemetery plants and other specialized customers. Following a request made by one customer (Foundry) to found a solution and alternative to all cast enhancements breaking, Mr. Prescott made his own analysis and began the production of a steel enhancement ring sold under the brand name Ring-O-Pave. This was the beginning of a new adventure.

In 1986, Mr. Prescott sold Prescott Metal to concentrate himself exclusively to the manufacturing of the Ring-O-Pave product. Mr. Prescott got 5 patents with the Ring-O-Pave following the success of the product from industries such as: mines, distillers, foundry, sewage treatment plants and other clients.

In 1994, a new market emerges with the manufacturing of products made from recycled tires. This is the beginning of a new era, the introduction of the Flex-O-Ring. This frame made from 100% recycled rubber is the result of two years in research and development leading to the achievement of another patent. Following the success from its introduction, the Flex-O-Ring continues to meet the needs of cities and other stakeholders in road maintenance.

The year 2005 was difficult; a fire ravaged the company's facilities. Whit his entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Prescott made the decision to reorganize the company by moving in a larger facility plant in Boisbriand. Although the beginning of the year was difficult, this situation was in a way beneficial to the company, it allow the company to reposition itself in becoming one of the most productive plant in North America with the introduction of its own automated process and more efficient equipment’s.

In 2006, the company began selling its products on the European continent.As of today, the company ranks among one of the most successful in the designing and manufacturing of custom products for is customers. Our products, Ring-O-Pave, Flex-O-Ring and all specialized road & safety products are available through our distribution network throughout North America.